Consultation Preperation

Before arriving for your first visit, please ensure you have made an appointment with us. You can do this by contacting Dr Kluge’s room on 012-346-0879 / 3664, or alternatively sending us an email at You will receive a reminder sms a day before your appointment. Please note that Dr Kluge is not available for telephonic consultations.

Your First Visit

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your first visit for administrative reasons.
  • Please plan for up to an hour for your first consultation.
  • You will receive a reminder sms the day before your visit.
  • Our offices are located on the ground floor (Suite 110) – Medical centre.
  • Please be reassured that Dr Kluge will never run late intentionally and that Bronwyn will attempt to keep patients up to date if there are delays.

What to bring

Please bring all of the following items with you for your consultation.

  1. A list of all medication, vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies that you are using.
  2. Any radiological reports e.g. MRI, CT scans, sonar, X-rays.
  3. Any blood results you have had in the previous 2 years – you should request these from your other doctors if possible, or you can provide us with your ID number in advance and we will obtain them for you.
  4. Any medical records pertaining to your problem.
  5. Your medical aid card.
  6. Your ID document or passport.
  7. The name of your GP, as well as a contact number and/or email address to contact them.
  8. A medical history of diseases that run in your family.


  • Please be aware that we operate as a Private Practice and the consultation fee must be settled directly after your consultation.
  • Please contact us at any time if you wish to inquire about Dr Kluge’s consultation fees.
  • These tariffs exclude any special procedures that may be performed on you (please contact our receptionist for any procedure-specific prices)
  • We will provide you with a statement for you to claim the consultation fee from your medical aid. Please note that we do not do this ourselves and that your medical aid may or may not refund you the complete amount.
  • Payment to the practice may be made using cash or credit cards (with the exception of American Express, Diner’s Club and Edcon cards)
  • For account-related queries please contact us on 012-346-0879 or